My order won't go through

  • Did you make payment via PayPal?
    • Sometimes your credit card's issuing bank limits payments made internationally to merchants online. Try checking out with PayPal, that should solve the issue.
    • You are not required to have an existing account on PayPal to make a purchase. To checkout as a guest, click the PayPal button on our product page or checkout page and scroll down a little to the bottom. There you'll see an option to checkout as a guest. Fill in your details as per normal. (Remember to use an email you know the password to! PayPal will send you an invoice upon order completion to that email address)
  • Did you get a red message that said to check your payment or billing details?
    • Have you moved in the last 8-10 months? If so, our billing address verification system probably wants to use your previous billing address. Give that a try!
    • Or, do you have any abbreviations in your billing info? Check your statement and see exactly how it's listed: 'apt' vs. '#',or 'Street' vs. 'St.' You get the idea. Our verification can be super strict; you gotta get it just right.
  • No, I didn't get a message, the contents of my cart just disappeared!
    • Aha! The old disappearing contents trick. Email our Customer Service so we can give it a try. We often have the magic touch!
  • I didn't get an email confirmation.
    • Did you check your junk folder?
    • Still no confirmation? That usually means you incorrectly entered your email address. Whoops! contact us and we will help you track it down.

Also, having an item in your cart does not reserve it, nor does it save the sale price. If we sell out of the item or the sale ends, this change may prevent your order from going through.

Oct 19, 2020

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